Ways to Save Money While Shopping That May Surprise You

Ways to Save Money While Shopping That May Surprise You

I’ve come up with some simple tips and tricks to saving money because I think we all can agree that it’s nice to save money when it’s possible. So whether you’re a student trying to keep from going broke or someone who is just trying to stick to a budget than these tips are for you.

Firstly I would just like to say that trying to save money does not make you a cheap skate wether or not people try to tell you otherwise. Usually the people who say you’re cheap are the ones who frivolously spend their money and then have to borrow from you later on.

Okay enough rambling, let’s get started with some money-saving tricks!

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  1. Buy No Name or Generic Store Brands: Bigger stores like Wal-Mart sell their own store brand of products for example Wal-Mart carries the brand “Equate”. These generic store brands such as Equate tend to mimic popular name brand products but the difference is the generic store brands cost much less and are just as effective. A lot of the time when you’re buying something like face wipes from a popular name brand you are paying for the name as well as the package design. That’s why I like to buy generic brands you pay a lot less for essentially the same thing!save money, tips to save money, store brands
  2. Take advantage of the Shopping Apps that are available, there are a variety of Apps that can help you save money. I like the App Flipp (Canada) because it allows you to type in an item you want to buy like avocados and then it pulls up multiple flyers in your area showing you where avocados are on sale that week! Flipp also has plenty of Coupons that you can use to save money for groceries, household items, baby products and even health and beauty products!61AKGU2bQhL. SL1280  1 - Ways to Save Money While Shopping That May Surprise You
  3. Use rebate programs that allow you to shop and get money back for either shopping through their site or uploading a receipt and getting credit back. The rebate site I like to use is Ebates. Ebates gives you cash back for shopping at any of the stores they list, they also offer discounts and coupons. My favourite stores that they list are Amazon and Sephora.. I’m going to shop there anyways so I might as well get some money back! If you’re interested in joining Ebates feel free to use this link to sign up:http://<img src=’//static.ebates.ca/static/images/refer-a-friend/ebates-button.1.0.3.png’ alt=’Ebates.ca’/>61AKGU2bQhL. SL1280  1 300x84 - Ways to Save Money While Shopping That May Surprise You
  4. Similar to the rebate program I mentioned earlier, there are also Apps that allow you to upload your receipt and get cash back on items you’ve purchased. The two rebate Apps I believe are the most useful for to use are Caddle and Checkout 51. Caddle and Checkout 51 are easy to use all you need to do is sign up (for free) checkout their weekly offers and upload your grocery receipts to get cash back.facebook image 300x300 - Ways to Save Money While Shopping That May Surprise You
  5. When it comes to shopping for produce buy what’s in season. You’ll notice in the fall/winter certain produce like root vegetables are often cheaper and more plentiful where as berries may be expensive and not very sweet during these months. I really found this article helpful in determining what produce I should buy during the different seasons, if you want to check it out click here!root vegetables, save money, seasonal
  6. Bring your own bags to the grocery store. Many stores in Canada charge $0.05 for a bag, this many seem like an insignificant amount but overtime it can add up. Plus plastic is terrible for the environment so do your wallet and environment a favour and bring some reusable bags to the store when you go. I like to roll up one in the bottom of my purse incase I unexpectedly go shopping.reusable bags, save money, shopping
  7. Buy your produce at asian supermarkets. You will be shocked at how much you can save buying your produce here rather than the traditional supermarkets! Celery, potatoes, bananas, apples, bokchoy, they are all much cheaper. A lot of the time you can also buy cases of produce for a cheaper prices. For example a local Asian supermarket in my town is selling a whole case of bell peppers for $12 this week.save money, peppers, asian supermarkets
  8. Don’t buy spices at the grocery store buy them at a bulk store. Often times spices are much cheaper when purchased at a bulk store. The nice thing about buying them not already packaged is you get to choose how much you want to buy. If you’re concerned about the environment you can bring little mesh/cloth spice bags or jars to fill up eliminate waste from the little plastic bags.spices, save money, zero waste
  9. Make a list of items you need and before you go shopping check local flyers to see what’s on sale. Having a look at multiple flyers will help you decide where you can get the most bang for your buck!  This way you won’t be disappointed after you shop at your normal store and then realize the one down the street had basically everything you just bought but only cheapergrocery list, list, planning, save money
  10. If you don’t drive like me and you do whatever you can to avoid taking the bus than getting groceries may be a bit of a challenge. If the grocery store that you like to go to isn’t terribly far then take a backpack and a few reusable bags with you and walk there! I like to buy as much as i can fit in my backpack and shoulder bags and then walk home with my groceries. Not only does it save you money but it also is a good workout at the same time! Nevertheless if the store is too far to walk to then take a bus with your groceries or plan to grocery shop once a month and taxi back with a really big load of groceries to make it worth it.grocery shopping, save money, backpack
  11. Avoid buying individual canned or bottled beverages. Buying individual beverages isn’t very cost efficient, you’re better off buying a case of your favourite drink. Alternatively you can buy a jug of juice rather than 1 small bottle, just make sure you plan on drinking whatever you buy before it expires!soda, save money, beverages
  12. Shop the Quick Sale bins in the Grocery Store. When there is food that is close to spoiling, stores will generally put a Quick sale sticker on it for 50% off.  They use this tactic so they are able to sell the item before it spoils. This is a great opportunity to buy perfectly good loaves of for half the price you’d usually pay. The same goes for produce – I’ve had good luck with finding some perfectly good produce for a steal. To sell more at one time grocery stores will package multiple items together and sell them. You will notice in the store there will be a rack with all the quick sale items, usually in the produce section of the store.sale, produce, save money
  13. Buy the misfit fruit and veggies. Some fruit and vegetable companies are now selling packaged “misfit” produce for a cheaper price. Misfit produce is perfectly good and there’s nothing truly wrong with it besides the shape or overall appearance. Before companies would have thrown them out because they weren’t deemed as fit to sell but now in most countries you can buy the misfits for a really great price.save money, produce, shopping  I hope My list of ways I save money gave you some insight or new ideas for you to save on your next shopping trip!        Of course I am always looking for new ways to save where I can so if you have any tips please leave them down below      or just feel free to leave a comment about anything!! I’d love to hear from you <3