Quintana Roo + Playa Del Carmen Mexico! What to do while you’re in Cancun

Only one week and i’ll be headed to the Quintana Roo/ Playa Del Carmen area in Cancun mexico!
I must say it will be quite exciting to enjoy some warm weather, white sandy beaches and a week of sun filled days!
To be honest sometimes you just need a break from Canada’s cold winters – that seem to last way too long!

I thought I would take some time to share some of the activities I’m planning to do while on vacation in Mexico if you’re curious or incase it can give you some travel inspiration!
This will just be kind of a pre trip expectation post and when I’m back from the Mexico vacation i’ll share everything from how the activities were, the hotel, the food and the overall Mexican experience!

Okay so let’s get into some of the things I figured would be worth doing while in Cancun Mexico!photo 1495110265292 6a567e7246d5 - Quintana Roo + Playa Del Carmen Mexico! What to do while you're in Cancun

    1. The Cenotes:
      If you’ve heard anything about Cancun Mexico then you’re probably familiar with the Cenotes! Just incase you haven’t heard of them, the Cenotes are beautiful Caves/ crevices underwater where you can snorkel, swim or dive around to explore the wondrous glowing stalagmite formations! The water there is so clear and pure that you can see fish swimming by!
    2. Xcaret Park:
      From what i’ve been told our hotel includes free admission to the Xcaret Park, I thought why not search out what the park has to offer, and it did not disappoint – guess it’s popular for a reason!
      Xcaret Park is actually considered one of the top Environmental archaeological parks in Cancun/Riviera Maya.

      -Paradise River:
      This is a relaxing raft ride that allows you to explore one of the Underground Rivers while keeping dry! Apparently you have a chance to see blue crabs, Peccaries and other cool creatures while enjoying the raft ride!

      -Mexican Cemetery:
      Right off the bat the thought of “enjoying” a cemetery may sound pretty morbid, but not this one! This cemetery is quirky and bright with spiral architecture and a bridge of Paradise that leads to 365 graves to represent each day of the year!

      -Mayan Village Tour:
      A great place to delve into the ancient Mayan community where you can learn about their lifestyle, what they typically eat and how they live.

      -Mayan Village Caves:
      Explore secret entrances in the jungles leading to the Mayan Village, lot’s of opportunities on the way to check out natural caves!

      Underground Rivers:
      Float along the natural freshwater streams flowing into the oceans right by the mangroves which are home to the pink flamingos!

      -Aquatic Paradise:
      Beaches +lagoons with passages, caves to explore and natural pools filled by the waves of the sea, creating jacuzzi in the pools. Sounds like the perfect place to kick back and relax.mexico 2684382 960 720 - Quintana Roo + Playa Del Carmen Mexico! What to do while you're in Cancun
    3. Snorkeling Tour:
      Apparently Akumal is the place to go snorkeling in the Quintana roo/ Playa Del Carmen area. Akumal claims to be a great place to spot turtles – Akumal actually translates to “place of the turtles” (according to tripadvisor). Coral and other marine life can be found here as well. After a fun afternoon snorkeling you can enjoy the warm sandy white beach!
    4. Paddle Board:
      I’ve yet to go paddle boarding but i’ve wanted to for while now and I think this trip to Mexico may just be the right time to go. Here’s hoping the waves aren’t too crazy to be able to stand up on the paddle board, I think my balance is okay but maybe not on that wave length yet!
    5. Selvatica Gimme All Tours:
      Selvatica is the number 1 adventure park in Cancun, this park is filled with activities like:
      -Zip lining
      -Canopy tours
      -Bungee jumping
      -ATV rides
      -Polaris ATV rides
      -Skywalk bridges
      If your even slightly an adrenaline junkie thank you’re guaranteed to enjoy something Selvatica has to offer! You can easily spend a full day here with the family having fun, they have adventure, swimming, food and so much more!
    6. Vegan Planet:
      Vegan Planet is a highly raved about plant-based restaurant in Quintana Roo Mexico! From the looks of the photos online of Vegan Planet the food is super fresh! They serve everything from burgers, salads, pizza, nachos, pitas and humus, baked donuts and so much more. The photos alone made me hungry! I can’t wait to try it in person! Make you subscribe to my email list for a full review!
    7. La Quinta Avenida (Fifth Avenue):
      La Quinta Avenida is one of the most notable places in Playa Del Carmen!
      La Quinta Avenida is essentially a shopping a 5 km shopping area, with shops to find souvenirs, clothes,jewelry, bars,  restaurants, cafes, gelato shops and much more!
      So get your walking sandals on, grab some gelato and get ready to take a stroll an explore a variety of shops.
      Once you’re done shopping you can head to the beach, since you’ll only be a few blocks away!
      So there are many more things I’d like to do while I’m in Cancun/ Quintana Roo Mexico but I think I’ll end my list here so I don’t overwhelm you with too many activities!

If I missed any cool thing to do any see in Cancun feel free to comment below and let me know what you love about Mexico: favourite thing to do, eat..etc I want to hear about it!
Also If you want to hear about my trip when I’m back I’d love for you to sign up to my mailing list!
Hasta Luego!

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