Luv Burger restaurant review – Quite possibly a plant based paradise

Luv Burger is changing the way you think about healthy food – they transform simple healthy food into seemingly delicious meals! When you eat here you basically feel like you’re enjoying all your favourite fast food meals while you’re actually enjoying food that’s healthy for you!

Luv Burger didn’t just change the way we feel about how healthy food should taste, they also changed where we can eat it. They are the first restaurant in the world to introduce a Beach Front Vegan Restaurant!

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Let’s start by taking a look at their menu! At Luv Burger they serve everything from Breakfast,Lunch,Dessert and even a cheeky late night bite if you’d like! Along with tasty foods they also serve equally tasty drinks.They have you covered, whether you want something bubbly or something sweet to sip on!

Breakfast: If you wake up with a bit of a sweet tooth then you will want to try their Vegan Pancakes. When you order the vegan pancakes you get 2 fluffy gluten-free pancakes, topped with your choice of fruit (banana, papaya, or strawberries), coconut, carob nibs and honey or agave syrup!

If feel like more of a savoury dish then you can try a classic Avocado toast or if you want a more traditional Costa Rican dish then give their Gallo Pinto dish a try. Luv Burger’s Gallo Pinto comes with organic rice, beans, potatoes and spices all served with a corn tortilla, tomato and avocado on the side.

If for some reason those 2 dishes don’t impress you then you can take a more in-depth look at their other breakfast options here: Luv Burger’s MENU

luv burger, costa rica, costa rican food, gallo pinto, vegan food, healthy, fast food, tacos, burgers, salad, pancakes, breakfast, dessert

Lunch: When it comes to lunch its hard to know what dish to start with at Luv Burger.

If you want something light then maybe one of their 3 salads will impress. Try the Goddess Salad if you feel like eating a salad that’s not totally typical, what you get is greens, quinoa, sautéed mushrooms, seeds, cashew cheese and a bit of their secret tahini sauce drizzled on top. By the way you won’t be able to forget about their delicious tahini sauce once your try it! 21911132 1982686068675056 7538359648265437184 n - Luv Burger restaurant review - Quite possibly a plant based paradise

Of course you can’t go to Luv Burger without trying one of their famous burgers! You have at least 6 burgers to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find something you love!

There’s the: 

  • Classic Burger featuring their top-secret burger patty recipe.
  • CocoBacon Burger their classic burger topped with cashew cream cheese and smoked CocoBacon.
  • Tropical Burger with this burger you have a bit of sweet from the pineapple and savoury from the CocoBacon= perfect combination!
  • Philly CheeseBurger comes topped with cashew cream cheese and sautéed vegetables
  • Holy Guacamole a juicy burger with a heaping pile of guac on top, you can’t beat that
  • Falafel Burger the best falafel you can find on sour dough bread with hummus, mayo,lettuce and tomatoluv burger, burger, costa rica, vegan, healthy, bacon

Desserts: When it comes to desserts Luv Burger knows the right treat to serve for those with a relentless sweet tooth!

If you’re looking for a cool treat on a hot day then you can try one of their Ice-cream flavours there’s strawberry, blackberry and chocolate! You can even get their superfood ice cream which stars chia seeds!

If you want more of a classic sweet treat then you can go with their Caramel Squares – peanut butter, nuts and caramel yum! Or you can savour their Cashew Cheesecake it surely won’t disappoint.icecream, dessert, luc burger, luv burger review

Finally let’s take a look at the beverages they serve here:

Smoothies: green smoothie, fruit smoothie, iced coffee, peanut butter smoothie, or a funky monkey.

Hot Beverages: lattes, mocha’s, regular coffee,caps, fraps, espresso’s and even tea! Lastly maybe their most impressive drink:

Beer and wine  they have an assortment of beer and wine even some gluten-free and organic ones!

Kombucha (fermented tea) What’s so impressive about their kombucha is that its made on location, and they have different flavours regularly – it’s delicious!19228672 439739183073563 5028710704165683200 n - Luv Burger restaurant review - Quite possibly a plant based paradise

There are so many more delicious gems on their menu that aren’t covered in this article such as their Taco’s, Luv Burgers Tacos are to die for seriously! If you want to learn more about Luv Burger check them out here: Luv Burger or their Instagram here

If you are in Samara or San José Costa Rica then drop in and grab a bite. You can sit at the beach while you enjoy your meal! Don’t forget to chat it up with the lovely people working at Luv Burger, they are so welcoming and accommodating!17586687 273498559728315 1414836598956097536 n 300x300 - Luv Burger restaurant review - Quite possibly a plant based paradise

Lastly the other beautiful thing about Luv Burger is their care for the people they serve and the environment. Luv Burgers mission “is to inspire others to eat healthy, natural foods, and respect all sentient beings”. They encourage their customers new and old to eat a plant-based diet more regularly for the positive impact it has on the planet. Eating plant-based cuts back the amount of pesticides that could potentially be going into our waters, and it saves our forest from being destroyed to make room for factory farms. You can read more about their mission here : Luv Burger’s Mission! Eating at Luv Burger inspires people to eat healthier and to live a kinder life for the sake of the world around them and for their own well-being! They really are saving the world one burger at a time! <3beach, luv burger, environment, happy, vegan, factory farming, beach, breakfast, granola bowl, yoga