Hotel Villa Playa Samara Review

Hotel Villa Playa Samara

2 years ago my family and I took a trip to Costa Rica and we were fortunate enough to choose Hotel Villa Playa Samara for our place to stay!
We stayed here for a week and it was delightful – the perfect place to unwind and take a break away from our lives and jobs in Canada!

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When we got off our plane in Costa Rica we were greeted by our driver who took us from the Liberia airport to the hotel. I have to be honest the roads from the airport to the hotel were winding and a bit nauseating (maybe because I was super hungry) but we made it to our destination in one piece so that’s the main thing!

While we were checking into our Villas we were given icy orange drinks to sip on while we got settled in, and because it was night-time when we arrived the hotel grounds were lit up with coloured string lights and torches and everything looked extra pretty!

The Villas:Hotel Villa playa samara, villa, palm trees, tropical, pretty

Going into my Villa I was in Awe… i felt like I had stepped into paradise! The paths leading up to my Villa were flat smooth red bricks with greenery along either sides of the paths.

The outside of the Villa were white with a brown roof, they had a very beachy feel to them, the palm trees surrounding them may have added to that. All the greenery here was so lush and colourful!
The insides of the Villas were bigger than I had imagined, when you walk in you will step into the kitchenette and living room/dining area.

My kitchenette had a stove,fridge,coffee maker, toaster oven, microwave, sink and it was fully equipped with pots and pans making it easy to cook a meal on days where you wanted to save a little cash!
The living room/dining room had a cute circular table sitting in front of the glass sliding door with wicker chairs sitting around it! Through the glass door the patio was a hammock hanging which was great for relaxing in the sun and reading a book!relax, hammock, costa rica, reading, nap

The bedroom had a big bed with white sheets and an orange cover folded at the end. Fresh towels were arranged on top of the bed in rolls, beside the bed there was a night table with a lamp on top and a remote to control for the air conditioning.hotel villa playa samara, bedroom, costa rica
Lastly in the villa was the bathroom, it was clean and a fair size.
When I first came in I found the ends of the toilet paper folded in a cute way and face cloths rolled on the bathroom counter with fake pink flowers sitting on top.
The showers were walk in stone showers, sadly there were no tubs but I guess taking a quick shower is better a way to save water versus a full bath.

The villas were close to everything on the lot – a short walk to the buffet, the pool and swim up bar, the hotel spa and the hotel “gym”. Best of all we were super close to the beach, which was great for an early morning sunrise walk on the beach or a late night sunset walk! beach, palm trees, sunset, beautiful
The resort was located just outside of Samara – a pretty little beachy town where you can find souvenirs, shops and even some restaurants. The restaurant I really enjoyed was Luv Burger, I liked it so much I wrote a  post about it : Luv Burger restaurant reviewluv burger review, samara,costa rica

Hotel Villa Playa Samara was also a nice trek to Puerto Carrillo – a little village with a beautiful beach area with little chairs/ rest areas on the way (just be mindful of the potential crocodiles that could be in or around the water.) If you decide to make the Trek, bring a snack/ water with you since there’s not too much along the way aside from hotels and a corner store.puerto carrillo,beach, tropical,islands

The Food:
Now let’s get to everyone’s favourite topic, the food! I was pleasantly surprised by the food at Hotel Villa Playa Samara. We chose an unlimited food and drink package so we had full access to the bars and the buffets at the hotel.
Since I have a few food restrictions I didn’t expect to find too much to eat but I was happy to find that there were loads of fresh fruit and veggies to eat along with delicious rice and beans and sometimes even pasta and potatoes! For those who are not eating a vegan diet there will be many choices for you for the meals, meats, cheese, eggs and so on!

The Staff:
The staff at Hotel Villa Playa Samara were nothing but accommodating and kind, always happy to help with any requests and questions you may have. From our experience we didn’t encounter anyone trying to push us into any sale pitches or time shares which was a relief! The hotel offered packages and excursions you were able to book with them but they never came up and bothered you with it, there was just the option to book with a tour guide who sat at the hotel and waited for you to see them!

Things to do:
As I mentioned before you can easily go on a walk down the beach into Samara to explore the town. As you walk to Samara along the beach you will pass little beach bars/ restaurants as well as some surf schools for lessons or to rent out surf boards! If you walk to Carillo you’ll pass over a bridge where there’s crocodiles below, where people go to feed the crocs raw chicken.

Other things you can do would be fishing, dolphin watching, zipline (a must do while in Costa Rica),snorkeling ( something we did and loved, so many tropical fish to see!), jungle walks, you can go on a trip to visit Nicaragua and maybe even a volcano trek if I remember correctly.Screen Shot 2017 12 26 at 9.02.22 PM 1024x555 - Hotel Villa Playa Samara Review
The excursion we went on was bird watching one and I have to tell you it’s not something I would recommend.
At least I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who’s anything like myself or for anyone who has no real interest in identifying the different types of birds lol!

I felt like I was taken back to Paris and forced to stare at paintings in a museum for hours while listening to someone with a very thick french accent explain each individual painting!

Don’t get me wrong our bird watching guide was so knowledgeable and good at his job but the tour just wasn’t for me. The plus side to that activity was that we got fresh watermelon and pineapple to eat once the walk was over!

The Last thing for things to do would be a visit to the Hotel Spa, I didn’t end up going so I’m not sure about the prices but it looked like a relaxing time!bird watching, excursion, tour, tour guide,costa rica

Hotel Villa Playa Samara was a great experience! The resort was a bit out-of-the-way but it’s worth a stay especially if you’re wanting to kick back and unwind at the pools swim up bar or at the beach.

The only downsides I found while staying here was their gym, it’s quite run down, outdated and you’re very limited to what you can do in the gym.
The last thing I wasn’t too keen on was all the wild horses on the beach,
1. Because I’m allergic to horses and 2. Because they left droppings on the beach as the went by lol,
but of course it’s not the hotels fault it’s just the area in which the horses roam around in.

Regardless of any of that staying at this resort was a delight, Hotel Villa Playa Samara looks just like paradise, the staff were kind, the food was good.. too good, and there were tons of good things to do!

Definitely consider Hotel Villa Playa Samara for your Costa Rican getaway, it will be a relaxing experience!

Check out their Website: Here!costa rica beach, beautiful, paradise, hotel villa playa samara