Grow Your Hair Faster! 7 Tips to Grow Your Hair Longer

7 Tips to Grow Your Hair Long

It can be a huge struggle to grow your hair as long as you want it! Especially after a disaster trip to the hair salon, you know the one where you say I just want a trim and the hairdresser interprets a trim into cutting 4 inches off instead.

It doesn’t help seeing all the celebs with gorgeous silky hair that goes half down their back*cough cough*… Ariana Grande, leaving you with major hair envy.

Over the years I’ve played the back and forth game of chopping my hair short, instantly regretting it and then doing anything I could to grow it out again.
So now that I’ve finally grown my hair out fairly long I wanted to help you incase you’re having trouble growing yours out!get long hair, long hair, blondes, girl, how to get long hair, how to grow your hair fast,natural hair growth

#1. You Need to Get the Right Nutrition!

It doesn’t matter what you wash your hair with or how often you go the hairdressers for a trim – if you’re not getting the nutrients you need your hair won’t grow properly!

When it comes to nutrition – you must be getting enough Protein. You hair is mainly made up of protein, so if you’re not getting a sufficient amount you can’t expect to grow your hair properly. You can get a little extra by having a protein shake daily! You can read my post about the best protein powders to choose if you don’t already have a favourite!: The Best Tasting Protein Powders 2017

Vitamin A:
I swear my hair grew significantly once I began eating a sweet potato daily. I looked into it and sweet potatoes are packed with Vitamin A which is essential for hair growth. If you don’t fancy sweet potatoes try: Carrots or Kale.

Drink enough water daily! Water feeds your hair follicles which starts hair growth through maintenance of the circulatory system – Essentially preventing your hair from getting brittle and breaking off.

Vitamin E:
Lastly for nutrition, Vitamin E  is a big help when trying to grow your hair – it helps to balance your PH levels and oils which prevents your hair follicles from clogging and it also improves blood circulation!
Avocados are a great source of Vitamin E. They are very versatile and they can be used in smoothies, sandwiches,baking and much more!sweet potatoes, avaocado, lemon, vegan, healthy meal

#2 Take a Vitamin for Your Hair!

So now that I’ve overwhelmed you with all the talk about the different Vitamins your hair needs to grow, I thought we should talk about a simpler way to make sure your hair’s getting what it needs.
If you have trouble eating enough of the right foods/nutrients to get all the vitamins you hair needs then taking a Hair Supplement might be the answer for you! Some of the best Supplements to take are: Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin D and Vitamin A. Although it may be easier to take one multi vitamin specifically for hair such as Hum Hair Gummies (there are many more to choose from it just depends on your price range)

#3 Be Careful When Brushing Your Hair:

Your hair can be more delicate than you might realize, and pulling at it with your brush can cause breakage especially if your hair’s wet! To avoid as much breakage as possible start by brushing your ends and work your way up from there! Also you may want to consider a Wet Brush for wet hair: My Wet Brush Classicbraid, platt, hairstyle, how to grow hair faster, grow your hair, ways to grow your hair out,how to grow hair faster

#4 Stop Cutting Your Hair Every Month:

This may go against everything you’ve been told  in the past by your hairdresser but cutting your hair doesn’t make it grow faster, I mean think about it… your hair grows from your roots not you ends! Yes trimming your ends does prevent your from splitting but if you avoid using harsh chemicals and heated tools frequently your hair will be okay! Skip the constant trims and save a bit of cash by taking care of your own hair!

#5 Wash Your Hair Less:

So washing or not washing your hair doesn’t really impact how quickly it grows but when you over wash your hair you strip it’s natural oils causing it to dry out and be vulnerable to breakage. If you can go without washing your hair for a couple of days it might be wise – especially if you have naturally dry and brittle hair like me! If you have trouble not washing your hair daily then give dry shampoo a try it’s a life saver!

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#6 Condition Before and After Shampooing:

Yep you heard right! Start conditioning your hair before you shampoo to get softer strands. Apply conditioner to dry hair starting from your ends working your way up to your neck (avoid putting conditioner in your roots, it may weigh your hair down and make it greasy looking). If you have time leave the conditioner in your hair for 30 minutes or more (for maximum softness)  before you shower. After you’ve conditioned your dry hair, Shampoo and Conditioner per usual! Softer hair means less breakage making it easier to grow you hair out.

#7 Be Patient:

Waiting can really suck and unfortunately no matter what you do you will have to wait to some degree while you grow your hair. During this time try to embrace and focus on some of the other beautiful features you have! Dress up in clothes that make you feel good or maybe even try some new makeup looks – it may take your mind off waiting for your hair to grow.long hair, how to grow your hair, blonde hair, girl, hippie, how to grow hair faster

I hope these tips help you with in the process of growing you hair long! Be sure to do your own research and even ask your doctor before taking any of these supplements, this is just what works for me. If you feel like reaching out to me or feel like leaving a comment I would love to hear from you! Also feel free to share what helps you grow your hair 🙂