Costa Rica and why you need to travel there!

If you have yet to visit Costa Rica then there’s a good chance you don’t know what your missing out on. Costa Rica has something to offer no matter what your age or interest.

When thinking about your next vacation Costa Rica may not be your first choice but it should be! There’s a good chance that when you are finished reading this article you will know where to take your next vacation! Let’s get into all the wonderful things about Costa Rica.

#1 The Costa Rican people are very welcoming and accommodating. Even if you can speak Spanish and even if they can’t speak English the people from Costa Rica will do their very best to communicate with you and to make your stay as pleasant as possible!

#2 It’s a Tropical Paradise! The weather is warm and the sun is bright. Your best bet for enjoying the perfect weather is to visit Costa Rica between the months of December (mid December) and April – this is their dry season! Visiting in between these months will help you maximize the amount of fun you can have outside while you visit.costa rica, travel, beach, sunshine, outdoor activities, vacation, fun activities, holiday

#3 The sunsets are absolutely stunning. This one’s self-explanatory but going to the beach to watch the sunset or sunrise is a no brainer! You will get dip your feet in the warm salty water while you walk along the squishy sand on the beach, taking in the warm breeze as you stare at the beautiful orange and yellows in they sky while the suns setting, If you’re lucky you can watch the sunrise as well! If you’re not a morning person check this out: How to Become a Morning Person.sunset, beach, costa rica, sunrise, pretty, vacation, holiday,things to do in costa rica

#4 The food is delicious! The food in Costa Rica is fresh and flavourful. Gallo Pinto is a very popular dish you will find here. Gallo Pinto is rice and beans fried together and seasoned, it’s usually served with fresh tomatoes and other vegetables. You can also find this dish in the morning served with sausage and eggs. If beans and rice aren’t your thing then you might be able to enjoy the mouth-watering Costa Rica fruit instead! You won’t find a more flavourful pineapple or mango anywhere else. Oh and while you’re there ask for sparkling water and fresh lime squeezed in it –  you won’t be disappointed! If you’re curious about a good place to eat in Costa Rica check out this: Luv Burgercosta rica, sparkling water, sparkline water and lime, lime, drink, refreshing,costa rica

#5 Costa Rica is very laid back There is a popular saying here and it’s “Pura Vida” which means simple life or pure life. It goes further then just a saying it’s a lifestyle and an overall attitude! In Costa Rica people are very easy-going and relaxed – they aren’t rushing around miserable, but they are the total opposite – relaxed and happy just taking life slowly and enjoying it. Going to Costa Rica will make you realize you need to stop and enjoy the moment – because life is about the small moments.relax,sunset, beach, costa rica, sunrise, pretty, vacation, holiday,things to do in costa rica, hammock, laid back, pura vida

#6 There’s something for everyone in Costa Rica It doesn’t matter your age or interest, you’re guaranteed to find something you can enjoy here.

For the Adventurous: there’s hiking, zip lining, surfing, kayaking, hike a volcano and so many other activities that are perfect for the adrenaline junkies!

For the Spiritual: You have an endless amount of opportunities to meditate, go to a yoga class, go on a quiet and mindful walk or grab some healthy food and relax.sunset, beach, costa rica, sunrise, pretty, vacation, holiday,things to do in costa rica, yoga, spiritual

For the Curious: you can explore the jungle until your heart’s content, go bird watching and spot all the tropical birds – and if you’re lucky you may see a toucan, or you can go snorkelling and maybe you will spot a purple starfish or two!sunset, beach, costa rica, sunrise, pretty, vacation, holiday,things to do in costa rica, jungle, explore, fun, hiking

For the Laid back: If you are simply wanting to relax the Costa Rica’s got you covered! Forget all your worries back home and lay on the beach or pool side and soak up the sunshine while all your stress melts away! Grab a drink and walk along the beach hand in hand with a loved one while the waves wash over your bare-feet. Make a sand castle and marvel over all the beautiful little shells and sea glass that has washed up on shore. Watch the cute little pop up crabs come out of hiding until they see you approaching and then watch them scurry back into their holes. Or get dressed up and dance the night away, maybe you’ll even learn to dance the Cumbia, Salsa or Bolero, once you hear the Costa Rican beats you won’t be able to stop yourself from dancing!

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What did you think? Are you now imaging yourself laying on the beach or zip-ling through the lush jungles of Costa Rica? Going to Costa is an absolutely good decision, so if you’re in the least bit interested you should go and check it out for yourself! As usual I would love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment below!