Blue Light Therapy for Acne. Does it really work? Tria Blue Light Review 2017

Blue Light Therapy for Acne. Does it really work? Tria Blue Light Review

When my skin was at it’s worst with acne my third year of college, I knew I had to do something else on top of what I was already doing. At the time I was in esthetics college and we were learning a lot about light therapy for the different skin conditions including blue light therapy for acne! One of my teachers knew I was struggling with my acne and she suggested I try it out.

What is blue light therapy?

Essentially the blue light eliminates a bacteria called P acne- which is a bacteria that causes acne. Meaning when you get treated with a blue light it would kill the P acne bacteria that causes you acne in the first place.

I did a bit of research about at home acne blue lights and I came across the Tria Acne Clearing Blue Light at Sephora. Feeling optimistic I ordered the Tria Blue Light, it was not cheap ($390) but after reading all of the reviews I knew I had to give it a try incase it could help me out!!

Within a week of ordering the light it arrived on my front step! Excitedly I raced up the stairs to my apartment so I could try my purchase out. Once I unwrapped it I decided I should probably read the instructions before using it, just incase!tria blue light, blue light therapy, how to get clear skin, acne,

How to use the Tria Blue Light:

  1. Before using the light wash and exfoliate your face to remove any makeup, products or dirt from the day.
  2. Once your face is dry, put the cartridge that came with your light in the bottom to activate it.
  3. Lightly touch the Tria Blue Light against your face, it will light up, glide it around the different area’s of your face.
  4.  The blue light will run for either 2 and a half minutes or 5 minutes, You can choose whether you can to use it for twice a day for 2 and a half minutes in the morning and night or alternatively you can use it once a day for the full 5 minutes
  5. Once your treatment is up use a nourishing acne prevention lotion on your skin. I use the Wild Nature Australia lotion afterwards, it helps keep my skin balanced and it helps to prevent future acne and acne scars. You can read more about it here

The instructions did state that you shouldn’t use it on any Nodular or Cystic acne, but i did anyways and I had no problems, just remember to be gentle with your skin and remember to moisturize to see the best results!


  • With consistency in usage the Tria Blue Light works in preventing new acne from forming
  • My skin tone improved and my acne scare lightened slightly
  • Using it is therapeutic and relaxing, I would actually look forward to using it at night- it’s very calming
  • The light is very travel friendly and easy to pop in your bag for overnight trips
  • My skin felt a lot smoother with continued use


  • The Tria Blue Light needs to be charged often, generally after 3 or 4 uses it needs charging which can be annoying
  • You must be very thorough and consistent with using the light
  • You need to buy a new cartridge every 2 months approximately otherwise the light won’t work
  • Sephora is consistently out of stock of the cartridges online and in Canada you can’t buy them in store.

My overall experience using the Tria Blue Light was a positive one and I would recommend it to a degree. The light is actually quite effective in preventing acne and it leaves your skin looking smoother and more balanced. Although the biggest downfall for this product to me would have to be the fact that you consistently need to buy cartridges for it. The cartridges are roughly $40 each so it adds up relatively quick.

In the near future I plan on doing a review of an alternative blue light so stay tuned for that!