The Best Tasting Vegan Protein Powders 2017 and Ones to Skip

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Vegan Protein Powders to Try and Ones to Skip

After being vegan for almost 8 years you can well imagine I’ve tried my fair share of protein powders over the years! Of course I don’t think taking protein powder is crucial when you’re vegan but I will say it is a super convenient way to get enough protein in when you are weightlifting and to me protein powders are a nice treat! Like anything in life: not all things are created equally and vegan protein powders are no exception, some taste great and others will make you wish you never tasted them in the first place. Since I’ve tried so many I figured I’d make it easier for you, by letting you know which ones are worth buying and which ones aren’t!

Best Tasting:

  • Crossfuel Vegan Raw- All in One (Vanilla) During the beginning of November I ran out of protein powder so I figured I’d use it as an opportunity to pick up a new one! I decided to try out a vegan protein powder by Crossfuel (a brand I had never seen before) and I must say after trying it I was super impressed – its delicious! To me this product tastes just like those Bueno Kinder Chocolates, I can’t exactly explain it but its fantastic. Crossfuel All in One is a very versatile protein powder so it can be used in multiple ways. I like to either mix it in my oatmeal or pour a scoop in a bowl and add a bit of water or cashew milk and make a “pudding”. An other thing I really like about this vegan protein powder is that it has 30g of protein + some probiotics in the recommended 2 scoops (the scoops are pretty small so it’s not hard to finish 2 of them). The only downside to this product are minor but you need to mix it a little more than you would think because it tends to get little lumps of protein if it’s not mixed well.crossfuel vegan protein, vegan protein powder, vegan raw


  • Vegan Pure Cookies n Cream: I had always wanted to find a cookies n cream vegan protein powder and after a long time of searching and being jealous of the whey cookies n cream powders I finally found one that was vegan! I found this one at Wal-Mart, and I am super excited to announce it doesn’t disappoint! Vegan Pure Cookies and Cream tastes just like you’d imagine, a sweet vanilla taste with bits of  crushed cookie mixed in. You can easily use this protein in a shake, stirred into a porridge, added to a protein bar recipe or made into a pudding – very versatile. You can buy this vegan protein powder at Wal-Mart for $20 which seems quite reasonable considering some are $60- $100.The only downside is there is only 9 servings in the 405g tub because the scoop is so large (45 grams), so to make this product last longer I like to use a 25 gram protein scoop instead of the original scoop! Smart cookie right?vegan pure, cookies n cream, vegan protein powder, healthy, cookies
  • Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Plant Based Organic Protein (Chocolate): I’ve only briefly tried this protein powder but I just had to include it because I love the taste. I found this tastes just like the Cherry Blossom chocolates that comes in a little yellow box with the cherry in the centre. From what I can tell Sunwarrior uses natural and clean ingredients in their products which is nice to see!
  • sunwarrior, sun warrior classic protein, chocolate, all natural, organice, sunwarrior protein powder

Best Overall:

  • Vega Sport Mocha: This vegan protein powder is a long time favourite of mine, the taste is amazing it is like having a mocha or cappuccino but this ones actually beneficial to drink! My favourite way to drink this one is to put a scoop of the powder in a blender with some cold water and a handful of frozen raspberries, mix it up and suddenly you have a chocolatey/ coffee drink with a surprise tang from the raspberries! The Vega Sport line is supposed to have recovery elements for those who have just finished a workout, and this vegan protein is packed with 30g of protein in a 41g scoop( the tub has 19 servings) To be honest I can’t think of anything I dislike about this protein, it’s delicious and it seems to be widely available at any supplement/health store.vega sport, mocha, vegan protein powder


  • Vega Sport Vanilla: This protein comes in a close second to the Vega Sport Mocha- although the mocha’s taste is a little more exciting, the vanilla is still delicious and you can do so much with it! The vanilla Vega Sport has basically all the same great features as the mocha but you can use this in more recipes!vega sport, vanilla, vegan protein powder


  • Vegan Freak by PharmaFreak (dark chocolate): Once again I was in GNC when I found this particular product. I was at the cash and I was talking to the girl working, about her favourite vegan protein powders and she suggested to check this one out! I’m glad I decided to give this one a try, the price is right, it’s actually not chalky at all and it’s easy to mix! This vegan protein powder tastes like a hot chocolate I’ve had in the past which I like but I will give you a fair warning this one doesn’t have a traditional chocolate taste. I was looking at the ingredients and was pleased to see that it had hemp, chia, Spirulina and even kelp in it!vegan freak, dark chocolate, vegan protein powder, pharmafreak

Skip it:

  • Vega One All in One Shake(Vanilla Chai): I used to really enjoy Vega Vanilla Chai in my raisin oatmeal but apparently they’ve reformulated this product because the taste is really off! The only positive thing I can say about this vegan protein powder is that it isn’t chalky. Although the texture’s good it’s not enough convince me to buy it- there are way better ones to try instead!vega one, vega all in one, vegan protein powder, vanilla chai
  • Kaizen Naturals Vegan Protein Powder (vanilla): When I purchased this product I really wanted to love it because of the fact that it came in a cardboard tub verses a traditional plastic tub, making it more environmentally friendly. Sadly the taste of this protein just didn’t impress me the vanilla was bland and it didn’t wow me, neither did the gritty texture. The price of  Kaizen Naturals is reasonable at Wal-Mart but I would say spend a bit extra and pick up something that tastes better!kaizen vegan protein, vegan protein powder, vanilla, healthy, pea protein, dairy free
  • GNC Puredge Complete Vegan Protein (natural vanilla): I must admit I originally picked this vegan protein powder up because of the size of the tub it came in and the price seemed for reasonable for the size. However the taste of GNC Puredge Natural Vanilla is not the best. To be honest I’m generally not too picky with my proteins but I really didn’t enjoy this one – I actually had to mix it with another flavour so I could finish it!

Other Proteins to Try:

  • Lean Fit Complete Green (Vanilla Bean): The price for this protein is right!It’s $32 at Costco for a 1kg tub and has 34 servings – very good value! If you’re not a member at Costco you can also buy this on Amazon or at select stores. I will say this protein was too sweet for me to consume by drinking it (probably because I rarely eat anything sweet) but it’s the perfect vegan protein powder to put in your baked good recipes. Lean Fit has some awesome recipes to check out on their website – also their customer service is phenomenal. complete green protein, vanilla bean, leanfit

I hope this gave you some help for the next time you choose a vegan protein powder! If you have any questions or comments about this please feel free to leave one below I’d love to hear from you! <3