How To Become a Morning Person

How To Become a Morning Person

If you’re like the majority of the population then the thought of waking up at the crack of dawn will sound like torture to you. To be honest I used to really hate mornings as well. I remember my early days of highschool I would try to sleep in until noon only to have my brother  constantly come into my room and yell at me until I was out of bed.

A lot has changed since then, mornings are actually now my absolute favourite time of day.  I know I know, you’re probably rolling your  eyes at the thought of someone actually saying they like mornings thinking to yourself wow she must be crazy. I can assure you though once you make waking up early a habit you will see the benefits and maybe even enjoy mornings as much as I do!

Since mornings are generally a least favourite time of the day for most I wanted to put together some of my Top Tips for waking up early and I wanted to share the benefits of being up before everyone else!

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There are a few steps you need to take before you can start waking up early. Many of these steps happen before you go to bed, let’s start with some of the obvious one’s.

Start going to bed earlier! You can’t go to bed in the middle of the night when you need to be up early, you will just end up feeling dreadful the rest of the day! Your body needs rest to be rejuvenated to take on an early morning. To figure out when you should go to bed, so you can be well rested for the morning try this app :SleepyTime: Bedtime Calculator . This app tells you when you should go to sleep to be up at a certain time or it tells you when to wake up when you know that you go to bed at a certain time.bedtime app, sleep calculator

Avoid using electronics before bed without a blue light filter. Blue light from laptop, cell phone and television screens supposedly cause you to produce less melatonin making it difficult for you to sleep at night. To avoid having my sleep disturbed because of this I like to use a blue light filter on my phone and laptop. I use this free one from the app store Blue Light Filter for Eye Careblue light filter, phone app, apps for androids

Don’t eat right before bed: I bet you’ve heard this a million times before but avoid eating right before bed! Give your body enough time to digest before you decide on sleeping. Try eating 2 or 3 hours before bed before you snoozefood before bed, supper

Layout everything you need for morning the night before! To make your life a lot easier when you wake up: pack your lunch the night before and layout a cute outfit that will get you excited to dress up for the day! When it comes to working out in the morning I immediately slip on my workout gear to help me get motivated to make it to the gym every morning. Once you’re dressed there’s no going back haha!workout clothes, clothing display, outfit laid out

Morning time:

Set your alarm to a song or noise that you like. Waking up to a sound that makes you happy starts your day off on a positive note. When I would set an alarm I always used the LG Cyon Morning Alarm called Good Morning. Most people like my dad and brother find the song completely irritating but it actually makes me laugh every time I hear it so it always woke me up in a happy way!

Place your alarm far way from your bed. Doing this will ensure when your alarm goes off you have to get out of bed to stop it from ringing. It’s too easy to turn off your alarm and fall back to sleep if it’s right next to your bed, but when you have to get up and shut it off at that point you’re already up.

Make your bed! Once you’re out of your bed- make it! Making your bed as soon as you’re up helps you feel accomplished even if it’s a little task. It also will leave your room looking more tidy which makes looking for things in a rush way easier.bed, make your bed, morning person

Start your morning off with a routine. Having an established routine will help you stay on track and be productive in the morning so you won’t be running around confused trying to get things done.

Make sure your morning routine is one you look forward to I think this point is the most IMPORTANT one! If you don’t make your mornings enjoyable you will just end up hating being up earlier than usual and you will go back to sleeping in. To make my mornings enjoyable I like to start off my morning with a cup of my favourite tea, listen to a podcast or music while I get ready and once i’m ready for the day I totally relax with a big breakfast while I either read or watch a video! Once I’ve finished my meal I head to the gym!how to become a morning person, morning routine

Make breakfast your tastiest meal. I don’t know about you but sleeping takes a lot out of me and I always wake up starving and excited for breakfast!

Create a breakfast that will get you excited  and that will make getting out of bed worth it! I know quite a few people have a hard time eating breakfast because it makes them feel sick, but slowly try to incorporate small breakfasts until you’re ready to eat a full meal! The foods you eat in the morning don’t always have to be the traditional sugary cereals, I never eat traditionally… this morning I had a leftover curry from the previous night.breakfast, morning person, muffin, tea

Workout in the morning! If you look forward to working out then why not do it the morning? After a morning sweat sess you feel incredible and ready to take on the day. Plus if you go to the gym in the morning you won’t have to worry about trying to fit it after work when you’re tired and hungry.  Like I mentioned earlier I like to put on my gym clothes as soon as I wake up it just helps me get motivated. If going to the gym isn’t your thing you can always go for a run or maybe even take your dog for a walk around the neighbourhood.morning workout, morning run, sunshine

Lastly Watch the sunrise! Seriously I think watching the sunrise is super underrated, everyone talks about how great sunsets are but sunrises are where it’s at. While I was on vacation in Costa Rica I woke up at 5 a.m so I could take a walk on the beach and watch the sunrise- it was perfect! Even if you’re not somewhere tropical take your coffee or tea and sit by the window and watch the sunrise or go for a walk and watch it rise. It’s a beautiful reminder of a new beginning. sunrise, morning person

Please remember that becoming a morning person will take time – it’s not an overnight miracle. If you stay consistent with your routine of waking up early and do your best to get enough sleep you will be on the right path. **Just make sure you make your morning routine enjoyable!! That’s the most important thing you can do!!