Australia Working Holiday and What to do Before you Arrive!

Checklist for your Australian Working Holiday!

  1. Research Australia:
    Read about other travellers experiences to figure out if living there will be a good fit for your needs and whether or not it will live up to what you’re hoping to get out of traveling there. To make things easier create a Pros and Cons list of things you may or may not like about living in Australia
  2. Be prepared for how expensive Australia can be:
    Especially in the bigger cities like Sydney and Melbourne things like rent, food and transportation can be pricey at times. The expense seems to really depend on where you’re originally from and what you’re used to paying in your country. To air on the safe side of caution try to make a little extra money before your trip to Australia so you don’t go broke as quick!
  3. Get your Working Holiday Visa at a good time:
    Apply for your Working Holiday Visa about 8 weeks before the date you are planning on traveling to Australia. Usually WHV’s are accepted fairly quick, especially if you’re in good health and have no criminal record, but just to be safe apply in advanced incase something goes wrong and you need to fix it.
  4. Get your cell phone unlocked:
    In most cases you will want an Australian sim card once you arrive in Australia, so make sure your phone is unlocked before you arrive!
    Unless you are absolutely sure that your cell phone is unlocked, give your cell service provider a call to ask them for an unlock code for your phone (getting your phone unlocked is now free of charge, at least in Canada). There’s nothing worse than being in a foreign country unable to call your service provider to unlock your phone because your phone is currently locked!
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  5. Create a packing list of what you want to have on your trip in advanced:
    It’s handy to know what you want to bring with you on your trip well before you go so you can make sure you have everything and to make sure you don’t overpack.
    Just remember whatever you pack you will have to bring that stuff with you everywhere you go for better or for worse. So think of taking a small backpack that you can just carry on versus a bag that need to be put in checked luggage! Be sure to check out this article of things to pack in your carry-on for a long flight:Long Flight Essentials
  6. Buy an Australian booklet with a map:
    Now this one isn’t totally necessary because of the fact you have a phone that has access to maps and so much more, but if you’re data-less or don’t have cell service you may appreciate a good old trusted map and a book that tells you some tips and trips about Australia! 
  7. Figure out where you want to go:
    Have an idea of what you want to do on your trip and where you want to go in Australia.
    Australia is a big country so it’s wise to have a bit of a plan in order to make the most out of your trip and to back track as little as possible!
  8. Arrange somewhere to stay when you first arrive:
    The journey over to Australia can be a long and exhausting one and the last thing you’ll probably want to do is after a 24 hour trip is to try to figure out where to stay for the night! 
    Consider booking a hostel in a desired Australian city before you arrive.
    Or you can always sign up to Workaway which is a site where you work for accommodation and sometimes even food, alternatively there’s a site called TrustedHousesitters where you live in someone’s house while they are away in exchange for pet and home care!
    If you are looking into doing work for accommodation then arrange things early on, these things aren’t good when left to the last-minute!
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  9. Get yourself some travel insurance:
    Unexpected things happen all the time: injuries, illnesses, accidents and you can only do so much to prevent these things! Yes travel insurance can be expensive but foreign medical bills are even more expensive!
    WorldNomads was a lifesaver during my trip to Australia when I had some sort of horrible stomach attack ( I thought one of my organs was about to rupture) and had to go to emerge which ended up costing over $500 dollars for a 30 minute appointment. WorldNomads paid for the expenses!
    Of course be sure to do your own research and read all the fine print to see if this is the right travel insurance for your needs.
  10. Order Australian money:
    Of course Australia is a modern first world country they have banks, visa machines and all that jazz but being from another country ideally you won’t already a bank account set up, making you limited to the money you can take out from a debit machine.
    For any emergencies it’s nice to have some money on hand incase!
  11. Lastly familiarize yourself with Aussie lingo:
    No Australian terms aren’t so far-fetched that you won’t understand what they are saying but they do have a few strange terms or short forms for sayings like:
    Ta” for Thanks,Bogan” for redneck, “Arvo” for afternoon, “Servo” for gas station and so on.
    Knowing of a few of their terms will make you seem like less of an outsider when you arrive and make it easier to communicate, but don’t worry about it too much Australians are seriously the nicest people you’ll meet and they love a good laugh so they just may find your lack of understanding for their slang endearing!

    Going anywhere new is sometimes overwhelming and even more so when you are planning on moving there but fear not – Australia is an amazing country with even more amazing people who will make you feel right at home!
    Do some research and prepare things in advance and you will be more than fine!
    Also be sure to search Australian Backpacker groups on Facebook to connect with others doing the same thing and to get advice on your journey Down Under!
    If this Post helped you at all please be sure to share it so it can help someone else! If you have any questions leave them below!