Australia Checklist for When You First Arrive on Your Working Holiday!

Here’s a list of things you’ll want to do once you arrive in Australia! Make the start of your trip a little easier by accomplishing these tasks at the start of your Australian Working Holiday so you don’t have to worry about it later on.

  • Settle Down and Take a Load Off:


    • After a long journey to Australia you’ll most likely be exhausted, so relax a bit in the hostel or any other accommodation type you’ve pre booked! If you can arrive during the day it’s a nice idea so you can run any necessary errands and maybe get some groceries if you feel to.


  • Make Some New Friends


    • Branch out and make friends with the friends with the people staying in your hostel dorm or in the hostels common rooms ex: kitchen, lounge, or game room. Making some new friends when you arrive in Australia can make the move feel less lonely, plus the travelers you meet may be able to give you some important tips and insight into living in Australia!14232014 1252788074779199 5134325493407878722 o 1024x683 - Australia Checklist for When You First Arrive on Your Working Holiday!


  • Go on a Walking Tour:


    • Usually hostels offer a free walking tour around the city either daily or a couple times a week! So join in and enjoy exploring the new city you’re in. Walking around is the best way to get to know a new place better! Invite some of the friends you’ve made in the hostel to join in too!


  • Get an Australia Phone Number:


    • Once you decide on the cell service provider you want to go with, go out and get a Sim Card! Sim Cards are available at Cell phone company stores/ kiosks, Gas Stations (aka Servo’s) and Grocery Stores! You may want to consider going with Telstra – they have very good coverage and decent prices! Having an Australian phone number means you can make local calls, which is important if you decide to apply for jobs, having data’s also handy when you’re trying to navigate around a new place!


  • Set up your TFN (tax file number):


    • If you’re planning on working while you’re on your Australian Working Holiday then it’s necessary for you to get your TFN number as soon as possible! You can apply for it here:


  • Get advice from other travelers:


    • Ask around and see where other travelers have found jobs, or farm work and see what they would recommend you so. Also ask around and find out which job agencies are reliable to try out and don’t be shy to ask about where you may consider visiting while you’re in Australia – you won’t want to miss out on an awesome adventure!


  • Visit Local Farmers Markets:


    • Certain weekdays and most weekends it’s easy to find a farmers market to explore and try out the freshest food Australia has to offer. It’s a great place to find good deals on fresh produce, coffee beans, breads and interesting novelty items!vegan meal


  • Ask for Recommendations:


    • Ask for suggestions from locals of things you should consider doing while you’re in Australia, be sure to make a list as you get new ideas to ensure you’ll remember to accomplish everything!
      Australia is a massive and beautiful country that has way too much for you to explore in such a short amount of time! Do your best to figure out what you want to do most and maybe map out your journey a bit to make things easier!


  • Print out/Create Resumes aka Cv’s:


    • If you didn’t do it before you left your home country then it’s a good idea to print out or create your resume as soon as possible!
      When you apply to retailers that are considered to be a chain store they will most likely ask you to please apply online.  Unsurprisingly  if you try to apply for apply to a mom and pop retailer online you will be unable usually because the retailer is to small and in turn they will ask you to please bring them a resume!


  • Decide about Farm Work early:


  • Once you have a feel of Australia and you consider whether you’d like to extend your Working Holiday Visa longer than 1 year you may just want to get farm work out of the way at the beginning of your trip! If you leave your farm work to the last minute you may run out of time to complete your 88 days and miss the opportunity to stay a second year!20170309 131309 1024x489 - Australia Checklist for When You First Arrive on Your Working Holiday!

Most importantly be sure to have fun while you’re in Australia!
Not every day’s going to be easy and fun but make the most of your time there, try new things, meet new friends and go on as many adventures as possible!!If these tips helped you please feel free to share them with a friend or subscribe for more travel tips and other fun stuff!